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TR-200 intraoral X-ray Imaging Plate Scanner (IPS) is a smart device with stable system for image presentation.with independent 7-inch touch screen widely meeting the needs of intraoral diagnosis.Saves time and improve the work efficiency for dentists.Top  Advantages1、Full-auto entry portIntelligent entry port reduces the extrusion of image plate, thus avoiding image skew and shadow.2、7 Inch High definition True-color touch screen Untill now,TR-200 is the only scanner provide large size real-time touch screen in this industrial. Let the reading more efficiently and conveniently.3、Present high quality image Gray levels is one key point for the quality of the image.Most of the scanner on current market is 14-Bit 16384,Tyris-200 gray levels could up to 16-Bit 65536, making imag...
TR-120 intraoral X-ray Imaging Plate Scanner (IPS) is a smart device with stable system for image presentation.TR-120 image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and improve the work efficiency for dentists.Top 3 AdvantagesPresent high quality image 1.The image gray levels can reach up to 16-Bit, helps making image more exquisite and the details are more abundant.14-Bit image16-Bit image2、Comprehensive image software makes image analysis faster and easier.3、Multiple patents provide technical assurance for high definition images.Technical ParametersImage plate SizeS0,S1,S2,S3Spatial resolution  15 LP/MMImage gray levels65536,16 bitsScan TimeNetwork connectionLANWeight(KG)8KGMeasument(MM)3...
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